What’s Going On?

Now Open Seven Days A Week

We listened to you knocking and trying to come in on a Tuesday and decided to be nice and accommodate your desires! So from now on we’ll be open EVERY day – closed only on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – come and say hi. 10am to 5pm, food served until 3pm.

School Furniture

We have recently bought a large amount of vintage school furniture from a closing-down school in Wales. Some of it in the shop, some of it in waiting to go online. If there’s anything you’re looking for, let us know. Plenty of pigeonholes, lockers, hooks, storage, stools, drawers, bookshelves…

IMG_8784                IMG_8785

Use Our Venue

We are open to your suggestions with food, drink and event space on offer. Pop-up restaurant, a catered dinner, a private party? Are you a comedian or musician wanting a venue, or a poet needing an audience? Phone for a chat or call in to discuss options.

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