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Use Our Venue

We are open to your suggestions with food, drink and event space on offer. Pop-up restaurant, a catered dinner, a private party? Are you a comedian or musician wanting a venue, or a poet needing an audience? Phone for a chat or call in to discuss options.

Clubbing for Grownups

Sat 6th May, Hay-on-Wye

Our headline DJ for the night – Ru is recognized for smiley, exciting and original DJ sets, with the diverse sounds of Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean, often delving into the irresistible influences of funk, dancehall and swing. You may have danced to his sunshiney celebratory music at The Old Electric Shop before, or perhaps Glastonbury, Boomtown or Secret Garden Party.

Cocktails and dancing – a party not to be missed!

Tickets £10, available in the shop or pay over the phone on 01497 821194.

The warehouse location near Hay-on-Wye to be revealed upon purchase of tickets 😉

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Campfire Conversation

Sat 29th April, 7pm-11pm, £3, bar open and food available.

Pete Lawrence (founder of Bill Chill and Cooking Vinyl) introduces his new community and social media venture, Campfire Convention, and then throws the conversation open to attendees to spark discussion. The format is open-agenda and can involve global issues or local concerns, across a side spectrum from politics to the arts, ecology and well-being to how we can work together co-operatively.


The Thursday Sessions

All 6pm-8pm. Bar open :-)

The Thursday Sessions will encompass a variety of things, from drink and draw nights, interesting talks, poker lessons, cookery courses, book club, unusual craft workshops, seasonal supper club and more. Come together, enjoy a drink, make some friends and nourish the mind! If you have any ideas for these evenings, do let us know.

Thursday 30th March
Poker! Learn to play, with informal games taught by David Christie. An extra session due to popular demand. All welcome. £10 in the pot (but if you listen well you might start winning it back!). Might go on later than 8pm if you’re all keen.

Thursday 30th March
Drawing Club. An inclusive, welcoming drawing session open to all ages and abilities. Turn up with your sketchbook.

Thursday 6th April
Book Group. An informal, friendly group of reading enthusiasts, who discuss a range of writing. A regular session meeting on the first Thursday of every month. All welcome. Free.


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