what's going on?

Open Warehouse


Dates of next Open Warehouse: 18th - 23rd February 2019


We have been trying to clear some of our 'projects' that haven't quite made it to being shop-ready, and so have been opening our warehouse to the public.


All welcome, 9ish to 5ish.


School furniture, lab glass, French market finds, teak worktops, pigeonholes, lots of tables, desks, a pool table, galvanised containers of all sizes, plenty of cool stuff...



Festival Bands
Do you want to play in the shop during Hay Festival? We are open every night for cocktails with great live music and djs, and happily invite you to let us know what you can offer our crowds.


Use Our Venue
We are open to your suggestions with food, drink and event space on offer. Pop-up restaurant, a catered dinner, a private party? Are you a comedian or musician wanting a venue, or a poet needing an audience? Phone for a chat or call in to discuss options.



Now Open Seven Days A Week
We listened to you knocking and trying to come in on a Tuesday and decided to be nice and accommodate your desires!
So we're now open EVERY day – closed only on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – come and say hi.
10am to 5pm, food served until 3pm.